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September 22, 2011

We went to Javien and Jaylean’s school open house. Open house is one of those things that we kind of feel is a bit silly and totally overwhelming and you know a bit of a waste of time. Don’t send hate mail. It’s because Nate is a teacher, we know what is going on. BUT at the same time I do love to go. It’s a time for the kids to be confident and show off their classroom and their teacher and their work. So that is what makes it important. We made very clear rules since Jaylean has the same teacher for Kindergarten as Javien had that this was Jaylean’s time and it was about her and NOT about Javien or Kobe. {I bribed them} It was so amazing to watch her go from thing to thing focused and aware of what was expected of her. She was so confident in showing us how she does all the things each day. She even showed us how to work the calendar on the SmartBoard. I just loved it. She is doing so well in Kindergarten. I am so proud of her!


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  1. Its lovely to see them really proud of something and excited. I’m glad she is settling in so well x


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