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September 26, 2011

Vitamin D is like crack for tired moms. I was able to get the kitchen all clean today- I even steam mopped the floor! I also got all the laundry done and there was a lot. Apparently I have been on laundry strike. I even played outside and picked the last of my wax beans and pulled up the plants to dry out. Plus I gave my tomatoes and onions a little bit of love. Checked on my apples and cooked a delightful homemade dinner.


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  1. wow you have been busy. I need to get me some of that!

    • Maxine- It is good stuff and you are probably deficient since the sun doesn’t shine much in Ireland right? But check with your doctor first there were some warnings for pregnant women that I read but just skimmed over since that is not something I need to be concerned with! It has really helped boost my energy and I feel happier and less “draggy”.


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