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Maraschino Cherry Recipe

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Can You Can It?

Maraschino Cherries
Yield: 10 Pints

3 cups Pure Black Cherry Juice (I used Lakewood PURE organic Black Cherry Juice)
2 cups water
2 1/4 cups sugar
3/4 cup lemon juice
3 TBS homemade Vanilla Extract
10 1/2 Cups Heirloom Lambert Cherries freshly picked and pitted

Put the Black Cherry juice, water, and sugar in a 4qt or larger sauce pan, boil the mixture while stirring until the sugar is dissolved. Once the mixture boils turn off the heat, stir in the vanilla extract, and add the cherries. Mix gently so that all the cherries are covered. Let the mixture sit for a few minutes until the cherries are saturated.

Hot pack the cherries into sterilized canning jars making sure to have enough of the liquid to cover the cherries. Process in a hot water bath for 8 minutes for pints or 11 minutes for quarts.
Allow the cherries to cool and settle for 24 hours.

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A Little Day Trip

I had such a good time mining for sapphires that we decided to take the whole family down and my parents met us there to do a little mining for sapphires. It was fun! Javien took the pictures. The kids were kind of into it but not super into it so they just looked for pretty rocks and kept all the ones they found! It was real nice to just get away for the day and enjoy time with our family.

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The Road Trip Part One

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North Dakota

There are several things that I enjoyed about North Dakota – the first and second most important thing is there is more 3G coverage for my Droid than in Montana! Awesome!! The most important thing was the company. We were able to join two other Haiti lovin’ families and let our 11 kids just play and be kids while the adults were able to enjoy some cool beverages and chat about whatever. Like Bofus.

Book 3 of May: Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins

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Catching Fire (The Hunger Games, #2)Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Love LoVe LOVE!!! Great book. As good as the first one…on to the next.

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