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Foto Friday

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This foto is of my mom and Auntie Becky hula hooping in the parking lot of our hotel at like 10:30 at night! They rock!

My Auntie Becky and Me rockin’ the hoops at a rest stop somewhere close to the border of Wyoming and Nebraska!

This is my beautiful Grandma Bea!

And this is my gorgeous Auntie Becky!

This is my Grandma Bea and her sister Jane in Nebraska at the homestead of their Grandmother.

This is mi Mama holding Chimney Rock in the palm of her hand!

Oh word do not describe this t-shirt found in the middle of podunk Montana. Delightful.


Foto Friday

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This week Foto Friday is going to be a slideshow of 41 fotos from our Fabulous Fourth of July Weekend.

Untitled from Kristi Dorcheus on Vimeo.

Foto Friday

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Here we are on Saturday night…it’s Foto Friday time! Yahoo!

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1: Jaylean and the goat. We visited a mini farm type thing for their opening party and it was a lot of fun. The kids really enjoyed the animals…and the ice cream!

2: Wow – look at those three gorgeous children!

3: We ventured out to Picnic in the Park and Kobe was gettin’ down with his bad self to the music!

4: Jaylean had a friend spend the night earlier in the week and her hair was in braids so I put Jaylean’s in box braids which she is in love with!

5: The last day of swim lessons for Kobe was play day. It was really fun for Kobe!

6: Jaylean’s last day of swim lessons and she really had a good time jumping in the lap pool!

7: It was camp out night in the backyard! The boys and I had so much fun!

Foto Friday!

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Again, I did a really terrible job of taking a foto each day but all these fotos are from this week!

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1: The makings of a s’more from our impromptu bon fire in the back yard. Only one small thing I love about summer.

2: My bubblegum iris’. They smell so delightfully yummy. I could eat them. Another small thing I love about summer.

3: Jaylean is very good at soccer – it is fun to watch her play!

4: It was a cold and rainy week (again ) and we were all just a little tired of being inside so Nate chucked the kids into the pool for fun…Javien…

5: Kobe…

6: Jaylean…enjoyed it. LoL

7: Javien’s 3rd toss in and he was not letting go. It’s what happens when your baby brother and sister take it like champs and you cry like a baby getting out. So if you get chucked in the pool come out with your smile on and it’s all good – cry and you get chucked back in.

Foto Friday: Kobe!

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Wow! Two weeks back in the game and I am two days late. Awesome.

This week I sucked it up. It rained all week and just generally sucked for play time and fun stuff. So I have a few fotos of Kobe from this week but mostly it is a collection of Kobe fotos from the last several weeks. Either way it’s the Kobe we all know and love!

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#1: Kobe + Crayola Color Bubbles = MESS

#2: Kobe planted a few rows of Carrots in the garden!

#3: Kobe and Javien play their own version of football in the backyard that includes violent tackling.

#4: Above stated version of football also includes Charlie Brown-like kick offs.

#5: Painting rocks.

#6: No training wheels!!!!

#7: Our new swimming pool – a big one – it is a lot of frigid fun!

Foto Friday: Jaylean Rae!

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And we’re back in the game!

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Friday: I like to do fun projects with my kids. On this day I was fresh out of ideas and lacked any sort of energy. I took the kids on a walk hoping to spark some ideas. They started picking up rocks so we collected rocks all the way back home and then painted them. It was actually pretty fun!

Saturday: S’mores made with gigantic marshmallows makes for a gigantic mess – but oh so yummy! First backyard bonfire of the year!

Sunday: The missy miss catching a ride on Joey the horse.

Monday: Take a closer look. Is that Jaylean riding her bike? Yes it is. But look closer – NO TRAINING WHEELS! Yay Jaylean!!!!

Tuesday: Each night I set aside 10 minutes (usually more) for just Jaylean and Mama time after the boys go to bed. She gets to choose something for us to do like coloring, reading, telling stories…etc. She always chooses coloring.

Wednesday: This little goofball tuckered out right next to me. She just snuggled in and took a little snooze right in the middle of the afternoon.

Thursday: I caught Jaylean rolling down a grassy hill and snapped this shot of her in the middle of the action – so cute, so pretty, so innocent! I love it!

Foto Friday

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As you have probably noticed Foto Friday’s have taken a back seat to basic survival the last few weeks. Well I am happy (I think?) to announce that we did, in fact, survive, so Foto Friday’s will be returning as part of my regularly scheduled programming. I will begin where I left off and this will be Jaylean’s week to shine!! See you next Friday – same place – hopefully same time!