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Making Bouncy Balls

One weekend when Nate was gone hunting the kids and I made bouncy balls. It was a simple project I found on Pinterest. The recipe is here.

The project went very smooth because I had it all set up and organized before the kids were allowed to enter the kitchen!

They rolled and squished and smothered their little globs of yuck unti they started to stick together and become a ball.

Finally, they were done and could play with their new bouncy balls!


Crazy Hair Day 2011

I know, I know – there is more to it than just crazy hair day. I feel like most people know what Red Ribbon Week is and if they don’t they can click on my link. So let’s get to it. Crazy Hair Day 2011! Javien and Jaylean went off to school with their wacky hair and Kobe and I decided we could do wacky hair at home too. (Mine had a little pink, no need for a photo). Spray in hair dye – a once a year thing – man that stuff sucks!

Beautiful Moments Blogged

September 20, 2011

Most beautiful moment was watching my sweet Kobe take my little camera and take off on his first BIG pre-school project. Oh yes! We, here at Yellow Avion Academy, are doing quite a rigorous curriculum. We start each day with name practice – that is where he writes his first and last name until his eyeballs pop out of his head – no not really but he does write it several times and it has been excellent practice! We are learning one shape at a time – right now we are talking about circles and to finish up our circle unit I handed him the camera and his assignment was to spend some time in the backyard finding things that were circles and taking pictures of them. He loved it! He came back in and I was flipping through some of the pictures and came across one of our neighbor’s house. I asked him where the circle was and he says “right .  there — silly mommy” and pointed up on the roof the little satellite dish. Yep it’s a circle. Way to go Buddy!

Book Review: James and The Giant Peach

I would like to introduce to you, my kids the book reviewers. We started reading chapter books at night before bed and I read a few chapters at a time or one chapter or whatever I feel like and the kids wind down in their beds. I bed hop each night so everyone gets a snuggle turn.

Kobe gives this book two enthusiastic thumbs up. He thought it was a great book and wants every child to know that his favorite part of the book was “the peach.” He narrows it right down for ya.

Javien also give this book two thumbs up. His favorite character was the ladybug.

Jaylean gives the book one thumb up, mostly because she missed the end and is still a little angry about that.

Now we are reading a Junie B. Jones book. The kids find it hilarious – and so do I!

Science Experiment

Who knew that you could defy science and probably gravity by mixing water with corn starch? Cool huh? Well that’s what we think and now I buy corn starch by the case whenever I go to the grocery store.

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New Routine

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Now that school is nearly back in session and I’ve lost my husband to his classroom and I’ve been at home – by myself – with all three kids this week, I am starting to see my role as a Stay at Home Mom more clearly. I’m trying to find a new routine. This week we started at home learning and it has been going really well. Kobe is working on numbers, Jaylean is learning to read, and Javien has been brushing up on penmanship, math, and reading. On Monday Javien will officially start the first grade! Exciting stuff! I plan on taking him to school on that first day to make sure he is settled into his new classroom and that the teacher and our family is all on the same page with his seriously severe allergies.

This week I have not felt like we have been able to spend as much time actively learning as I would like to. I’m trying to figure out a routine that is going to work for us. So far it’s been get up and moving around 8am, I make breakfast for the kids and coffee for myself, I shower, they shower, brush teeth, get dressed, make beds. By this point it’s usually after 9am and I clean up the kitchen from breakfast, toss in a load of laundry, kids help me tidy up the living room that they destroyed before I even opened my eyes. Suddenly it’s 10am and we are sitting down to do lessons. Typically, I have sent the boys outside while I work with Jaylean and then bring them in and work with them together since Javien is fairly good at working independently and since everything he is doing is review. So far that has worked ok. My problem is that by the time we finish up with this bit of school time I am rushing to get lunch on the table and the kids down for a nap before it gets to late. Then toss in Miss Screamer Lady and the entire morning is a waste. By the time the kids wake up from naps and play outside I don’t really feel like teaching them new and exciting things.

So I would love for you to please share with me your routine – please leave me a comment with deep details about your day. Do you have a routine? Do you post the routine somewhere so everyone knows what is going on? Please share!

Learning about butterflies!

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We are learning all about butterflies. Such a delightful little insect far superior to mosquitoes and other such flying things. The kids are into it. We got the caterpillars two days ago and they have already doubled in size. We have five thriving larvae and hope to end up with five delicate painted lady butterflies.