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Beautiful Moments Blogged

September 28, 2011

There is a silver lining to every dark cloud right? R.i.g.h.t.

Well I am thankful that today my daughter did not physically hurt me or throw anything directly at me. How’s that for a beautiful moment. Nothing more to say about that.


Beautiful Moments Blogged

September 27, 2011

Oh my lovely Soy Nuts! Did ya know that Soy Nuts are not actually nuts? Soy is a bean. Not a nut but a bean. Exciting stuff.

What? Wait. You aren’t excited about it in the way I am? Ok let me paint you a picture. There is a little boy who has been known to be allergic to peanuts, tree nuts, and sunflower seeds his whole life. He has never had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich or those yummy Peanut Butter cups. He can’t eat chocolate because chocolate and nuts go hand in hand and most chocolate is processed in facilities that also process – you guessed it – nuts.

Today I emailed all the companies I could find that sold Soy Nut (not really a nut) butter to get more information about their ingredients. I found several companies that sell Soy {Not A} Nut Butter that have kosher facilities that are designated nut free. But I wanted to be sure that they didn’t also contain sunflower seed oil in the vegetable oil. I got a response back from one company, their website shows they have sunflower seed oil in their product BUT they do not. I know they need to do an update and I told them that. They changed their recipe to exclude Sunflower Oil a year ago. They have a variety of Soy {Not A} Nut butters that have flavors and even *chocolate* {move over Nutella!} As you can understand I am thoroughly thrilled by this news. I went out and purchased some I M Healthy brand Soy {Not A} Nut butter. This was not the company that I heard from but I reviewed their FAQ’s and ingredient lists and was reassured that their vegetable oil was NOT Sunflower Oil. This was the brand the local health food store sold. I also purchase a few other NEW household staples like chocolate chips that are made in a designated nut free facility. Soy Nuts lightly salted that are not actually nuts they are beans, for snacking. Some animal crackers that are made in a designated nut free facility and etc.

When Javien came home tonight I told him about it. He was understandably cautious. I let him smell it. He thought it smelled gross even though it smells like Peanut Butter. I told him I was going to wipe a spot on his arm. He was scared. Like really fearful. So I explained to him that I would never ever give him something that I knew would hurt him and that I was certain that this was safe for him but wanted to take it slow anyway. So I let that sit on his skin for about ten minutes and had him wipe it off. I asked if he was itchy at all – nope. I checked his skin – nothing. So I put a dab on an animal cracker and let him eat it. He was fearful and kept saying he was going to have to get shots. I reassured him again that I would never and I mean NEVER give him something I knew would hurt him. He got scared for a second saying his throat was swelling but it was the butter in his throat – he has never had the peanut butter sensation or anything remotely close to it. It was sticky like peanut butter in his throat. I told him to get a drink and take some deep breaths, which he did. He was fine. No wait he was more than fine – he was so happy. I told him he gets to have his first ever Soy {Not A} Nut Butter and jelly sandwich. He is thrilled beyond words. He hugged me so many times telling me thank you tonight. What’s even better is he gets to have chocolate chip cookies which he normally cannot have. He is so happy. So excited. Over this small thing. It took me some time researching and emailing companies but you know what? Javien is worth it. He is worth the time it takes to find something he can have. He is so used to being told no and sorry you can’t have this that he doesn’t even flinch. It does not phase him at all. But to be told he CAN have something. Now that is a beautiful moment.

The company that emailed me back is Simple Food  – I encourage you to check them out. They have five different varieties of Soy {Not A} Nut Butter. The president and founder is the one who emailed me and her personal fave is the Cinnamon and Sugar Soy {Not A} Nut Butter. Since it has been so well received in our home I am going to go ahead and purchase the five pack that has one of each flavor directly from their website. Not only that but I am going to take the info into our local health food store and ask them to carry it. It is the least I can do after the founder emailed me back immediately.

Beautiful Moments Blogged

September 26, 2011

Vitamin D is like crack for tired moms. I was able to get the kitchen all clean today- I even steam mopped the floor! I also got all the laundry done and there was a lot. Apparently I have been on laundry strike. I even played outside and picked the last of my wax beans and pulled up the plants to dry out. Plus I gave my tomatoes and onions a little bit of love. Checked on my apples and cooked a delightful homemade dinner.

Beautiful Moments Blogged

September 25, 2011

Our volleyball match was pretty heated yesterday so we had a remix tonight. Girls vs. Guys. I brought my “A” game. Girls won in a big big way. Huge actually. I think. LoL I am pretty sure. It was fun. We need to figure out a way to keep playing in the Winter.

Beautiful Moments Blogged

September 24, 2011

Good day. All around. New camper up and running, alone time with NO kids, nice time playing some volleyball with friends, kids went to bed quickly. Just a very nice Saturday!

Beautiful Moments Blogged

September 23, 2011

It was such a delightful evening. I had some Sangria and then had a little more and before I knew it I was sleeping very soundly in my bed! Read between the lines.

Beautiful Moments Blogged

September 22, 2011

We went to Javien and Jaylean’s school open house. Open house is one of those things that we kind of feel is a bit silly and totally overwhelming and you know a bit of a waste of time. Don’t send hate mail. It’s because Nate is a teacher, we know what is going on. BUT at the same time I do love to go. It’s a time for the kids to be confident and show off their classroom and their teacher and their work. So that is what makes it important. We made very clear rules since Jaylean has the same teacher for Kindergarten as Javien had that this was Jaylean’s time and it was about her and NOT about Javien or Kobe. {I bribed them} It was so amazing to watch her go from thing to thing focused and aware of what was expected of her. She was so confident in showing us how she does all the things each day. She even showed us how to work the calendar on the SmartBoard. I just loved it. She is doing so well in Kindergarten. I am so proud of her!