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Beautiful Moments Blogged

September 21, 2011

Today I was working on some of my school work. I am at the part now where I am doing a lot of observations and actually doing things in the classroom. Today I went at the end of the school day to set up a bulletin board and meet with the teacher to discuss a lesson I planned and to schedule a time to TEACH the lesson. Please note I will be teaching the lesson. Wow. I am so nervous about it. The teacher I am working with liked the lesson I planned and gave me a few tips and suggestions so I am going to make a couple of modifications and teach the lesson next week to this nice group of fourth graders! Wow. Did I mention I am nervous?


Beautiful Moments Blogged

September 20, 2011

Most beautiful moment was watching my sweet Kobe take my little camera and take off on his first BIG pre-school project. Oh yes! We, here at Yellow Avion Academy, are doing quite a rigorous curriculum. We start each day with name practice – that is where he writes his first and last name until his eyeballs pop out of his head – no not really but he does write it several times and it has been excellent practice! We are learning one shape at a time – right now we are talking about circles and to finish up our circle unit I handed him the camera and his assignment was to spend some time in the backyard finding things that were circles and taking pictures of them. He loved it! He came back in and I was flipping through some of the pictures and came across one of our neighbor’s house. I asked him where the circle was and he says “right .  there — silly mommy” and pointed up on the roof the little satellite dish. Yep it’s a circle. Way to go Buddy!

Beautiful Moments Blogged

September 19, 2011

The beautiful moment of the day. Umm. Ok I did enjoy seeing Jaylean in her super cute glasses. Other than that I enjoyed a sassy 4-year-old who suddenly talks back more than he actually does what he is told. Oy. Then there was the evening full of screaming sassy school children who wanted to argue about everything under the sun and were sent to bed early. Oy. But it was beautiful to see Jaylean in her cutie glasses. Oh and it was nice to eat Macaroni and Cheese for dinner!



Beautiful Moments Blogged

September 18, 2011

Today was just a big beautiful moment. I canned carrots and peaches with my mom! It was fun!



Beautiful Moments Blogged

September 17, 2011

Today’s moment was just walking out from the grocery store with Jaylean. I took her picture as she walked with the kid cart with our groceries to the car. I treasure the moments when she is calm and happy and we can just be together.

Beautiful Moments Blogged

September 16, 2011

Finally Friday! Today I jarred and canned 7 pints of Dilly Beans! Yum! I planned on doing cucumbers also but I had some kid issues that had to be taken care of so…yeah. But I am excited about the Dilly Beans! I was able to get all of the ones out of my fridge and in jars – all of them are sealed up quite nicely and I have more in the garden that I am sure need to be plucked tomorrow!

Beautiful Moments Blogged

September 15, 2011

Oh my word! It was a busy day! Nate had an appointment at 7:30am (!!!) and I had the sweetest baby in the world coming at the same time plus I had to get the kids fed, dressed and ready to be at school by 8-ish and we don’t send them in district so I had a 30 min drive to get them to school! Plus I had to talk to their teachers so I walked around the school packing a 1-year-old, 4-year-old, 5-year-old, and 7-year-old trying to get business done. Then when I got home I had an appointment at 11, followed by another appointment at 12:45, by then the kids were out of school but thankfully Nate was home from his appointment and went to get the kids because we had another appointment at 4pm once that one was done – I was able to finish off the day getting my hair done at 6pm which turned out to be a little after 7pm which was fine because instead of waiting I was able to run and get some errands done around town.

It was nice getting my hair done to end such a busy day. What a great way to unwind. I think all mom’s should end their day with some sort of pampering – foot massage, back massage, neck massage, facial, pedicure, manicure, hair cut, head massage…anything but moms deserve it!