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This Is Halloween!

Another Epic Halloween for Our Fab Five! This year Halloween fell on a school night – but we made the best of the evening and had a blast with the kids and their super cute costumes! We went out in our local Historic District and it was awesome-ness. One house was decorated and we had to go through the house around to the out the back side door. We could hear the teenagers screaming as they were going through so we were a bit concerned about the scare factor! They did a great job of tailoring it to the kids age and did not scare our kids at all! Well ok Jaylean was a tad frightened but I think she was actually more overwhelmed than scared pretty much the whole night.

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Javien’s 8th Birthday Eve – A Halloween Post

I am going to post our Halloween “go door to door and ask for candy from strangers” event of 2011. It was a good night. It wasn’t too cold although once it got dark and spooky some little girl we know got cold and freaked out. She alternated between clinging to my leg and clinging to Nate’s leg as we made our way back to our car! The kids had fun and behaved like kids. One of my favorite highlights was hearing Kobe joyfully exclaim “HAPPY HALLOWEEN” to each and every stranger he encountered. He was thrilled to be right there in the moment and so was I!

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