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Making Bouncy Balls

One weekend when Nate was gone hunting the kids and I made bouncy balls. It was a simple project I found on Pinterest. The recipe is here.

The project went very smooth because I had it all set up and organized before the kids were allowed to enter the kitchen!

They rolled and squished and smothered their little globs of yuck unti they started to stick together and become a ball.

Finally, they were done and could play with their new bouncy balls!


Let’s Talk About an Allergy Treatment Plan

I really know how to whip you into a frenzy with a post title like that, eh?

Last week Javien visited the town Allergist. Not the Ear, Nose, and Throat guy nor the Family Physician but the real deal. I have to say he was fantastic! Both Javien and the Allergist. After reviewing about a million and two questions the good Doctor and I decided it was best to do a full skin test of allergies on Javien. Oh my gracious. I had no idea how badly I would want to rip the little allergy scrapers out of the nurse’s hot little hand and throw them at her! Here’s the play by play: first Javien took off his shirt and the nurse cleaned his back off with alcohol. Next she marked his back with a grid according to the list of things she would test him for. He was very anxious about this and so I made up a little letter that she was writing on his back to relax him and make him giggle. I said something along the lines of “Dear Javien I think you are the coolest kid ever, you are the nicest boy in the world, you have the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen…” The nurse was even laughing and told Javien his mom is a keeper.

Next came the hard part, she started poking and pricking him with all the little allergy scraper things. They were plastic tipped but Javien was in some amount of pain. He squeaked and squealed for every little poke. I held his hand. I told him to take deep breaths and squeeze my hand as hard as he wanted. What I really wanted to do was pull a wrestling/football move on the nurse and grab my boy and run out of the office. We made it through and once that part was over the pain was gone. Javien described it as little pinches. Can you imagine? There were like 40+ of them on his back. Javien was a pro. Really he was so brave.

Finally, I think Javien would say this was the hardest part. He had to lay still for 15 minutes while the allergy spots reacted. Oh and boy did those spots react, he was so itchy. I felt so bad for him. He had to just lay there and be itchy! For 15 minutes!! Yowza. I did take pictures of the whole thing but he is feeling self conscious of the whole experience and doesn’t want anyone to see them. He has given permission for a select few and those few have received the pictures. If he changes his mind I will post pictures but I feel like since he is 8 years old he really deserves to have a say of what I post about him on the world wide web. I respect that. {He did give me full reign on posting “words” though}

It was pretty dang obvious that he has some severe allergies going on. His back was covered in welts, the peanut allergen was huge! His biggest welts were peanuts, grass, cottonwood, and dog hair/dander. Besides those four things he was severely allergic to 11 other things for a total of 15 pretty big allergies. The good news is it is less than I expected. He had no new food allergies and isn’t expected to ever have any new food allergies. The best news is he gets to do it again in a year – wait for it – that is good news because (!!!) the doctor thinks he may not be allergic to all tree nuts in the future. The peanut allergy is for life but the tree nuts have significantly reduced since the last time we did this – soooooo….YAY! That would be a huge huge huge blessing.

The good Doctor came up with an aggressive treatment plan to help Javien with his symptoms and get his breathing and reactions back to normal. I am going to share this treatment plan for anyone else who is suffering from allergies, severe or mild.

Prescriptions: EpiPen Jr x 2 for anaphylactic reactions, Nasonex nose spray twice a day, Albuteral inhaler as needed (seldom)

Over the Counter: 60mg Allegra {fexofenadine} twice daily (dosage is an RX), Vanicream applied head to toe twice daily.

Around the house: Keep pets off furniture and out of bedroom (we already do this), HEPA filter air purifier in bedroom and large living spaces

We implemented everything from the treatment plan Friday night and I am happy to say we have seen a drastic improvement in Javien’s skin, breathing, snoring, all that stuff. He does not sound nasal or sniffly at all. The skin on his back and arms was covered in eczema but with the use of the Vanicream his skin feels silky smooth.

If you are interested in getting Vanicream you can find it on Amazon or at WalMart in the pharmacy, I was told they have to special order it but it is just a cream and does not need a prescription.

Mason The Elf

We are having an Elfing good time around here. Seriously, Elfing spectacular. We adopted an Elf on The Shelf from Target The North Pole. The Elf is quite ridiculous actually but it’s a really fun idea. There is a ton of useful and education information on where to hide the Elf for maximum entertainment for the parents kids. For the record, our elf is naughty but does not make gigantic messes that I would have to clean up anyway. The biggest mess Mason has made is tossing a 1/4 of a bag of leftover marshmallows from the camping season. This mama is not a dummy, I knew my kids would eat those marshmallows faster than a dyson could suck them up, and they did. Elfing Crazy I tell you.

To get the Elfing party started the kids woke up on Thanksgiving day to the Elf sitting on the table with a letter and the book – in a Mason jar – hence, the name Mason. He was in the jar because I knew my kids would handle him like no other before I even considered waking up. They would possibly, even fight and rip him into three uneven pieces. That would be an Elfing shame. The letter was as follows:

Dearest Dorcheus Children,
I am an elf sent from Santa in the North Pole to report your behavior before Christmas. I help Santa decide if you will be on the Nice list or the Naughty list. You have all had some very sweet moments.
Jaylean I love your singing voice. Javien I like how you can be so helpful for your mom and dad and teachers at school. Kobe I like how you help your mom out so much.
You also have a few things to work on if you want Santa to stop at your house this year! My lovely Jaylean you need to watch yourself! Your mother and father love you very much I hope that you will be more careful in how you treat them. My sweet Javien my word you can scream loud, my elfing ears were about to pop off! I hope that you will practice some of your calming down tools to help get better control over that. Santa does not like it when children scream at their parents. Oh happy little Kobe, you must be better about listening to your mom and dad. They tell you to do things for a reason you know.
I will be sticking around until Christmas reporting back to Santa every night, so you better watch out and you surely better not shout at your mom and dad. Please never ever touch me. I will lose my magic!
Now take this book I have left for you to your mom or dad and they will read it. Make sure you listen carefully. Elves are under very strict orders from Santa and you must follow each rule perfectly.
Your Elfing Friend
PS: You may talk to me all you want, and I can pass on some tidbits to Santa you know. But remember you must NEVER touch me.

Since the initiation of Mason into our family. He has shown up on the clock, in Mama’s shoe on the TV, in the Christmas tree with the children’s undies hanging all over it, in Kobe’s piggy bank, on the aerogarden surrounded by herbs and gum, riding on Javien’s stuffed horse on top of the refrigerator, magnetically hanging on the front door with his own little wish list, flying the little people airplane from the ceiling fan, and sitting on the mirror holding the incriminating marshmallow.

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Kobe touched him yesterday. So his magic has drained and he did not move last night. What a sad Elfing day. Kobe will beg him for forgiveness and he will move again tonight, I have a feeling.

This Is Halloween!

Another Epic Halloween for Our Fab Five! This year Halloween fell on a school night – but we made the best of the evening and had a blast with the kids and their super cute costumes! We went out in our local Historic District and it was awesome-ness. One house was decorated and we had to go through the house around to the out the back side door. We could hear the teenagers screaming as they were going through so we were a bit concerned about the scare factor! They did a great job of tailoring it to the kids age and did not scare our kids at all! Well ok Jaylean was a tad frightened but I think she was actually more overwhelmed than scared pretty much the whole night.

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Kids Art on Canvas!

After creating my own masterpiece I needed something to balance out my living room wall. I wanted the kids to do a little project that was more formal than the everyday scribblings happy little pictures they hang in the art gallery. {Bob Ross is the bomb!} I digress, what I am trying to say is I combined a little of this and a little of that and the kids created some really quite cool artwork. On 12×12 canvas I drew a bare bones tree with my brown paint pen. The tree was on the straight and narrow for Javien, a little bit on the rebellious side for Jaylean, and all kinds of happy and crazy for Kobe. Fitting – yes. Then one color at a time they used the same five colors I chose for my original masterpiece and they decorated their bare bones tree with fingerprints. They turned out beautiful! I love them!

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The Pumpkin Patch

I can’t believe it is our third year going to the Pumpkin Patch with our Haiti Friends. Enjoy the photos. It was a really great morning spent with equally great friends!

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Javien is 8!

Dear Javien – I cannot believe you are 8 years old. I still remember the first moment I laid eyes on you. You were so tiny and seemed so fragile. Both Daddy and I loved you from the very moment you were born. You have always been loved and wanted. Even though I didn’t get to be your first Mommy I will be your last and forever Mommy and I am so lucky to have that title. Mommy is more than a word. Mommy means so much, it means I get to watch you grow, it means that I get to carefully meet your needs and boost you up when you are down. The thing is Javien, just because you have experienced so many hurts in your short life it doesn’t make you who you are! You are a fantastic little boy. You are caring, sweet, sensitive, and kind. You are a strong boy and you deserve all the happiness life can bring. You have come so far in the 2 1/2 years you have been home. Today you enjoyed your birthday to the fullest. You relished in the day and loved all the attention being on you! It was your day to shine and you certainly shined! Daddy and I love you more and more each day. Just keep being you. We love you just as you are.

Love, Mama & Daddy

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Highlights Reel:

– Javien woke up to what seemed like a million helium balloons tied to his bed. He was thrilled beyond belief. Mama and Daddy sneaked into his room after he was asleep to accomplish this task! Awesome-ness!

– Javien requested very few things for his birthday; he wanted Uncle DJ (in the ARMY & stationed far away) to come, he wanted make your own pizza night for dinner, and he wanted the Chicken Dance song to play when he opened his gifts. All his wishes came true. Uncle DJ surprised him and Javien had tears in his eyes. Uncle DJ is extremely special to Javien, words cannot express the bond they have.

– The chicken dance song was started and stopped to make opening the gifts similar to musical chairs – it was funny and fun!

– In attendance at the family party were: Mom, Dad, Kobe, Jaylean, Grammy Deb, Papa Allen, Great Grandma Bea, & Uncle DJ.

– Javien is 8. I can’t believe my first baby is 8! I am so proud of the boy he is!