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I was getting ready to change the baby’s diaper one day and Kobe strategically placed himself where it would make me laugh…

So I did what any mom would do. I diapered him up and made him laugh!


Field Trip!

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Kobe and I decided to join Jaylean’s class on a little field trip to the fire station. We had a nice time. Jaylean was happy to see us and didn’t want us to go! Kobe enjoyed trying on the mask and hat that the firemen wear. Good stuff!

Take me the way I am.

This is Kobe. You can take him or you can leave him. I think you’re gonna love him!

Beautiful Moments Blogged

September 20, 2011

Most beautiful moment was watching my sweet Kobe take my little camera and take off on his first BIG pre-school project. Oh yes! We, here at Yellow Avion Academy, are doing quite a rigorous curriculum. We start each day with name practice – that is where he writes his first and last name until his eyeballs pop out of his head – no not really but he does write it several times and it has been excellent practice! We are learning one shape at a time – right now we are talking about circles and to finish up our circle unit I handed him the camera and his assignment was to spend some time in the backyard finding things that were circles and taking pictures of them. He loved it! He came back in and I was flipping through some of the pictures and came across one of our neighbor’s house. I asked him where the circle was and he says “right .  there — silly mommy” and pointed up on the roof the little satellite dish. Yep it’s a circle. Way to go Buddy!